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We are creating various solutions where we begin from real life challenges of the environment and we address these challenges effectively with the help of modern technologies.

With the help of partners and their technologies, we provide comprehensive solutions to a wide variety of challenges ranging from simpler communication within organizations to comprehensive process management when new members join a particular organization.

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What are you planning for the next 365 days?

We are presenting Microsoft Office 365, a subscription service that combines the best tools to support the modern way of working in a comprehensive communication and collaboration solution.

Professional e-mail

Secure and powerful email with 50 GB of space. Available through a web browser, any email client on computers, smart phones and tablets.

OneDrive digital storage

Safely store, sync and share files, and easily collaborate using OneDrive for Business.

Office on all devices

Within Office 365 ProPlus with new 2016 programs, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and others are available. In addition, web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are also available.

Support team collaboration

Chat room that combines people, conversations and content, enables teams to work more efficiently.

Security and reliability

The services meet the ISO 27001 standard, which guarantees independently verified security and reliability of services, while also taking into account the entire data protection legislation.

Superior services for businesses, schools and non-governmental organizations

The Office 365 solution contains various services and tools that allow comprehensive support for collaboration and communication among all participants in the organization. It enables secure mobile work across different clients and a wide range of web browsers.

There are powerful and reliable e-mails, document center that makes organizations’ documents easy to store in the cloud and easily share documents with colleagues. Office 365 contains solutions that support creativity and facilitate project work.

It’s available in versions for companies of all sizes, and under special terms for educational and non-governmental organizations for free.


The solution, based on Office 365, made specifically for teachers and students, in Slovenia known as Oblak 365.

Connecting open technologies and Office 365

Since resources in many Slovenian educational organizations are severely restricted, we have been looking for a solution to maximize the ability and efficiency of Office 365 implementation in all Slovenian schools.

The AAI365 solution is the result of close cooperation between Arnes, School of the future Maribor and Microsoft. It is primarily intended for smaller educational organizations that are affiliated with ArnesAAI and are eligible for Office 365 for education. The solution is flexible to different versions of the AAI infrastructure.

Self-service provision of services

The user decides when to start using the services and obtains his access to the service without the intervention of the school’s administrator.

The service is usually hosted at country's NREN

The service is available as a web portal and does not require any additional investment in equipment for end customers.


Course of the right to use

Upon completion of eligibility, for example at the end of schooling, the application automatically applies the policy of withdrawing access to services on previous announcement.


My.Org is an entry point for students and educational staff which provides front end access to the student information system and other services offered by educational organisation.


Connecting school IS and AD

The connection of users in Evidenca IS to the Active Directory (AD) facilitates easier access to different services and provides better control over the use of services.

Unified login to Office 365

Using the AD FS service, we also provide a single login between different services, e.g. e-mail in Office 365.

Password change

The user has a single password change point that changes the access data in all services and makes the process much easier for users.

Multilingual support

Integrated multilingual support and the ability to fully customize with the CGP of organization provides a useful service that is effectively integrated into the entire story of your educational organization.

A single point for access to the school IS and other school services

In secondary and tertiary education, educational organizations often face different study information systems. Many organizations use the Evidenca software. It meets the basic objectives of the information system, but is not adapted to the requirements of today’s users.

We’ve been looking for a solution that takes advantage of the Evidenca software’s potential and upgraded it with the concept of a single digital identity, enabled the implementation of the educational organization’s CGP and supported multilingualism and enabled it to be used in the global education market.

The solution is for organizations using the Student Information System Evidenca (regardless of type of education) and want to closely integrate it with user identities in the Active Directory, link it to Office 365 services, and all together to present everything at one entry point.

Receiving an e-identity

The solution in a simple and intuitive way solves the challenge of organizing the acquisition of identities for a large number of users in a cost-effective and organized way.

Optimize the acquisition of digital identity

The solution allows novices to receive their digital identities with minimal costs and in a completely transparent way.

The user receives his username and token, which is used on special portal to accept terms of use and takes over his identity using the username and token. When user’s password is changed, user becomes fully responsible for the security of your user account.

Administrator of the portal also gets insights into the status of receiving identities and can reset forgotten passwords. All users can user password change feature.

The solution is for organizations that want to enable digital identity acquisition in an optimum and tailored way.


Minimal paper consumption

Each user receives a token on a small ticket, while the teacher who performs the acquisition retains a signed list of token recipients.


Accepting the terms of use is included

Before accepting the identity, the user explicitly accepts the terms of use.

Self-service password changes

The portal also allows users to change their passwords independently, and also allow the system administrator to delegate the option to reset forgotten passwords.

Eduroam in Windows environment

The solution is the result of a few years of research in this area and is acceptable for organizations whose information systems are based on Windows infrastructure.

Eduroam can also work with Windows server

Implementation of Eduroam using open technologies is not favorable for all organizations, especially for those whose information system is based on a Windows server.

Technologies need to make life easier, so we have developed a solution that enables the creation of the Eduroam network on the Windows server.

The solution is based on the Network Policy Server, which is part of the Network Policy and Access Services application on the Windows server. The extension extension is published under the LGPL license.


Package with instructions and extensions

Package contains instructions, dynamic libraries for the RADIUS server, the extension of AD schemas and all other required components of the solution.

Eduroam instructions and other files


Important warning

Šola prihodnosti Maribor does not take any responsibility for any errors or failures of the software or hardware as a result of the independent use of the attached files.

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