Are we truly safe online?

You bought a computer for your child.To be educated and acquire new knowledge. At the same time, your computer is also intended for you to browse the web and learn, and “control” over what your child is doing online and which content is of interest to him. Your important task will be to protect him from dangers on the web and to make sure that he will not find bad content with your supervision. But do you know and are absolutely sure of all the traps that users face each day when they click on a link and browse the world wide web? Do you know which forms of danger that you will not be able to escape pray on you?

Learning about safe browsing should become part of your everyday life. Regardless of whether you are using social networks, allow children to play games or pay bills through an electronic bank, and reading an e-mail. Find information and educate yourself to make sure that you use web technologies the safe way.

Our warning is to open your e-mail carefully at home as well as at work, and you are doubtful with all the offers that are too unbelievable to be true. When opening attachments, be extremely cautious and do not open them unless you are sure they are from a safe source. Often they are a way to infect your computer with viruses or blackmail programs. Many great resources can be found on the website where you will find many practical examples of traps that are set up to harm you and your child.