We refreshed the image of our site

We work with web technologies practically since our beginnings. We have always invested heavily in our customers’ websites, trying to understand their story and philosophy. Unfortunately, we usually ignored a bit our own piece of the web. In order to change this, we devoted more resources to preparing various interesting content.

You may have noticed the first changes on our social channels already, and the next step is a slightly larger change to this site. We refreshed and updated the content, and in the coming weeks we will also republish presentations of some of our solutions. An important goal of the refurbished website is to prepare interesting and useful content in the field of information technologies and their use for process optimisation, whether in education or in the business.

We are committed to ensure that your experience on the site is pleasant and that you will find interesting content here to help you work. We’re looking forward to your comments and suggestions, you can also send those using our contact form .